Mission Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property might just be your most valuable asset.

Space programmes are one area which Intellectual Property plays a vital part.

Yet what constitutes IP and how it must be approached is often not recognised or given adequate attention in commercial negotiations and the contracts which govern relations between actors in a Space programme – particularly those companies involved in sub-system supply – whether that be development of concept architecture, flight software development, componentry manufacture and supply or service provision.

IP grants to owner’s exclusive rights to do certain acts and prohibit others from doing those same acts. It can this allow owners to charge higher process for their intellectual property products than they would otherwise be able to do were it merely valued on its physical composition – and the owner can restrict others from using them.

How for example, will in-orbit transfers of ownership be considered, including their effects in the application of international law and questions of liability
How are Intellectual property rights dealt with on the International Space Station?
Can copyright exist in relation to Remote Sensing Data?

We advise on:

Copyright and Space applications

For example – Satellite remote sensing activities are vital to the overall space sector and are becoming more widespread, with growing participation of the private sector as well as the increasing range of uses of remote sensing data and information products.

Can copyright exist in relation to Remote Sensing Data?

The essential need to identify IP at the outset of the Space Programme

This means understanding Background IP and Foreground IP – and how are these dealt with in contracts, how does IP flow down to downstream actors? How to ensure IP is properly captured in context of ESA contracts

Know-How in Space applications

You may have a package of practical information, resulting from experience and testing which is secret, substantial and identified.

Confidential Information

You will need to protect your confidential information in its many forms – such as Formulae which are not capable of being analysed in the final Space application,Plans and drawings in relation to a Space sub-system, and improvements to a Space application

We also advise on Space Trade Secrets, Space Research and Collaboration, Patent and the importance of Non-Disclosure Agreements