Satellite Applications

The reality is that Space applications make modern life possible.

Most understand that weather forecasting, navigation, broadcast and communications are all delivered by satellite systems.

However, the continued development of satellite-enabled services and applications into commercial opportunities for industry will be essential for both the Space sector and the technological progress which society demands.

It is the combination of the focus on promoting satellite applications, with the proposed Spaceport development which will give the UK an increasing share of the global space market.

Lecote Space Lawyers has extensive experience with technology innovators both start-up and mature, and understand the very different environment in which such companies operate. We have deep understanding of how to integrate different commercial backgrounds to an emerging market.

We know that it is essential that the Space sector identify and embrace non-Space actors because their technical innovations will forge the future of the Space industry.

Space will enable them. But Space won’t define them.

It is our experience of the wider technology environment which enables us to work effectively with the commercial Space industry, recognising at each stage the key legal issues.